Partnering with Copperworks

Washington distillers will soon be able to offer tastings of cocktails, instead of just doing shots with their customers. Which is marvelous news, for cocktail lovers and for us. Starting today you can now find a selection of our flavors at the Copperworks Distilling Company’s tasting room. We’ve selected flavors to compliment their rich gins and sweet vodka. Delicious!


Choose your own adventure

When I was a kid, choose your own adventure books were some of my favorites. Now, we’re partnering with 8oz Burger on Capitol Hill to bring the adventure to cocktails.


Pick a shrub, and they add vodka and ginger beer, with a lime garnish. Here’s one with our Honeyed Plum shrub.


Yummm! Moscow Mules never had it so good.

New show coming up


Super excited to announce that The Shrubbery will be vending at the Christmas in Seattle show on November 14, 15, and 16. This show crams the convention center with all kinds of amazing vendors selling unique handmade goods and tasty gourmet food.

We will also be debuting our winter line. Pear Ginger, Vanilla  Pear, and a special limited edition Cranberry Spice. We’ll also have a 4 ounce stocking stuffer size, only available for the holidays. These are perfect for office Secret Santa gifts or as a way to try out many different flavors.

Can’t wait to see you there!

So this is really happening

Today I started moving all the equipment and ingredients into my new kitchen space.  Intimidating?  Oh yes.  But less terrifying than I had anticipated.  The lead up to all of this has been occasionally fraught, between the learning curves and hunting for the just right plums, but now that everything is fully in motion I feel at peace.

And just in time for really exciting news!  I have my first bar account all ready to go for their fall menu.  So, right out of the gate I’m on someone’s menu.  There may have been some seriously high pitched squeee noises.  Look for The Shrubbery at Witness Bar in Seattle, drink their (ridiculously good) cocktails and eat tasty things there.  As other locations begin to carry our shrubs, I’ll make sure to let you know.

And fingers crossed too, because I’m waiting to hear back from Urban Craft Uprising.  As much fun as it is to sell to the bars, and it’s totally fun, I really love the one on one interactions that shows give me.  When it comes down to it, I’m really just a big food nerd who likes to be nerdy with people.