Orange Bloody Orange

All apologise to U2 but I couldn’t resist the pun!

This was a really fun flavor for me to make because I LOVE blood oranges. But Washington state is not known for their citrus growing regions (because we don’t really have one). So I thought citrus fruits would forever be relegated to an accent flavor, like in our Raspberry Lime that comes out in the summer. Delicious accent flavors sure, but never the star.

Then the amazing people at Letterpress Distilling decided to make a blood orange liqueur, which meant they had all these partially zested oranges laying around destined for compost.

Clearly I had to save some of them.

And I’m so glad I did! This shrub is deeply orange, with notes from the flesh and the thin layer of aromatic zest left on them. The oranges were rich and juicy and bittersweet the way a good blood orange should be. And look at this color!


It’s begging to spike your gin and tonic, or to take your margaritas to another level. Personally I’ve been replacing the lemon juice and grenadine in a classic Scofflaw with a healthy measure of this shrub. You can now buy it online and start experimenting.

Partnering with Letterpress has let us keep to our sustainability goals while opening up flavors that were outside our previous reach. I’m so excited to see what the next Distiller Partnership flavor is (hint, it’s likely to be lemon)!


Vanilla scented season

Today was the kind of early fall day I love! The morning was chilly and misty but not really cold. That burned off for a crystal clear afternoon of brilliant blue sky. Just warm enough to shed the morning’s sweater, but cool enough to be really comfortable in tall socks and boots.

I’ve been sad about the end of berry season. Perfect sun-ripened berries are amongst my favorite foods, and this season was both fleeting and spectacular. But the markets have turned to pears and apples, which I haven’t been quite ready for. Until today.


Today, fall was calling so I pulled out some pears and brought back our Vanilla Pear shrub. This is like a vanilla poached pear, but better. All those black speckles are vanilla beans. I even include the pods. This cozies up with lush pears to make a shrub that’s sweet and perfumed, but not cloying.

Welcome back fall!

Hanging out on top of the Sound

I can’t believe it took me this long to tell you about the amazing time I had at the Sip Northwest anniversary party, Sips of Summer.  We were on the 40th floor of Premier on Pine, with an amazing view of the city, the sound and Lake Union.  Gorgeous!


As you can tell from this shot, the weather was perfect for sipping wine, beer, spirits and shrubs on the terrace.  I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Dry Soda to make some really tasty mocktails (in my vintage glass dispenser, naturally), and meet some more of the people who make up the Pacific Northwest community.

It’s events like this that keep me focused on what I do.  Seeing all the talent we have here, and getting to be a part of that, really encourages me to keep reaching.  It doesn’t hurt that these parties are wicked fun to do, and I love introducing people to my product and the idea of craft mocktails.


Let it go…

I have an amazing support network of friends and spouse, which is why I can write this post from the Hotel Monteleon where I’m attending Tales of the Cocktail. While I’m here, meeting new people and drinking tasty things, said amazing support network is rocking the Bite of Seattle and giving people the ability to discover us.

But, it wasn’t exactly easy to turn over the reigns to my business. It did remind me though, in a very visceral way, that I have a tribe. That they do care about me. That I can do this business owner thing, and kick ass at it. Even if it leaves me quoting Disney.

Also, New Orleans is amazing.


Urban Craft Uprising

This week is our last minute push for the summer UCU show, and I’m super excited! We’ll have loads of Strawberries and Champagne shrub, our new batch of Apricot Rosemary shrub, and our ever popular Simply Rhubarb shrub.

Plus, as a special edition, ourBlack Cherry shrub. This one is near and dear to my heart, and was blended in honor of my father who introduced me to Boylan’s Black Cherry soda. A flavor I love to this day. This is deep, dark, rich shrub made with Pino Noir vinegar and bursting with cherries. Mixed with seltzer, it’s a more grown up version of the Boyln’s I enjoyed as a child. Or, blend it into a rye Manhatten for a really grown up treat.

Can’t wait to see all of you there!


Dark Lady

2 ounces Rye
1/2 ounce Sweet Vermouth
1/2 ounce Cherry Bounce or Cherry Herring
3/4 ounce Black Cherry shrub
3 dashes aromatic bitters

Shake all with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Surprise cocktails


Stopped into one of my favorite places for a late night meal and look what was one the super special menu! Not just a shrub cocktail, but one with my name in it. Of course I had to have one.


Sweet and tangy with a welcome bit of earthiness from the tea. But the salt and sugar rim is what really sets it off. A strange yet delicious cocktail, and one I drank with pleasure.

Stop the presses

I had a chance to swing by and say hello to the staff of Sip Northwest at the end of last week, and to show off our Rhubarb shrub (plus one or two others). I love getting to meet new people and make connections in my chosen industry. It might be one of my favorite things about what I do.

And today, they posted a really sweet article about me and my shrubs. I may or may not have done a happy dance in my living room. It might have scared my cats. It does make me think another box or three of rhubarb is in my future.

Certainly more rhubarb cocktails are!



Had a chance to wander the farmers market over Memorial day weekend and was thoroughly pleased to see piles of the season’s first berries. These lush gems are from Hayton farms, one of our favorite berry growers, and are sweet as can be.

We’re pairing these beauties with champagne vinegar and just enough sugar for a shrubtastic spin on strawberries and champagne. What drink or food ideas does this give you?