Orange Bloody Orange

All apologise to U2 but I couldn’t resist the pun!

This was a really fun flavor for me to make because I LOVE blood oranges. But Washington state is not known for their citrus growing regions (because we don’t really have one). So I thought citrus fruits would forever be relegated to an accent flavor, like in our Raspberry Lime that comes out in the summer. Delicious accent flavors sure, but never the star.

Then the amazing people at Letterpress Distilling decided to make a blood orange liqueur, which meant they had all these partially zested oranges laying around destined for compost.

Clearly I had to save some of them.

And I’m so glad I did! This shrub is deeply orange, with notes from the flesh and the thin layer of aromatic zest left on them. The oranges were rich and juicy and bittersweet the way a good blood orange should be. And look at this color!


It’s begging to spike your gin and tonic, or to take your margaritas to another level. Personally I’ve been replacing the lemon juice and grenadine in a classic Scofflaw with a healthy measure of this shrub. You can now buy it online and start experimenting.

Partnering with Letterpress has let us keep to our sustainability goals while opening up flavors that were outside our previous reach. I’m so excited to see what the next Distiller Partnership flavor is (hint, it’s likely to be lemon)!


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