The Weather’s Fine

One of my favorite things about what I do, is making new friends and experimenting with them. Today, I got a chance to stop into a really great place that has been on my list to try for ages. Damn the Weather is a precious hole in the wall, with an ever changing menu of locally sourced deliciousness.

While we’re not partners yet, we did come up with an amazing cocktail. It continues my tiki vibe post Mixology Monday, with shrub of course, but has an early fall sensibility I can really get into. It’s a Rhum Agricol cocktail, which makes me really happy as it’s not a spirit I reach for often. Growth can be beautiful. And tasty.

The Weather’s Fine starts sweet and fruity, with rum overtones. The middle is funky and herbaceous, with a spicy finish. Cardamom bitters act as an element to tie everything together, while the vinegar and lime keep your palette refreshed and ready for another sip.

The Weather's Fine by Matthew Collette @ Damn the Weather

The Weather’s Fine

1 oz Apricot Rosemary shrub
1.5 oz Rhum Agricol
.5 oz Lime juice
2 drops Scrapy’s Cardomom Bitters
3 oz Goslings ginger beer or your favorite

Blend Rhum, shrub, lime juice and bitters in a collins glass. Mix well. Topp with chilled ginger beer and cubed ice. Garnish with a lime wheel.


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