Where did April go?

Whoooo boy, it seems like just yesterday I was reveling in the cherry blossoms and enjoying early Spring in the Pacific Northwest.  And then I turned around and May was here.  How did that happen?  There’s so much going on here at The Shrubbery, and our Summer Season is going to be packed to bursting!

First up, in just two weeks time, we’ll be at the U District Street festival.  We’re booth 72 in the green section, which is just off the corner of 47th and University.  Saturday the Farmers Market will be in full swing as well, so make a day of it and get your farm fresh produce, see the amazing artists and crafts people in the street festival, dance to music, eat so many good things, and don’t forget to take home a bottle of shrub.

And right after that is our cooking class.  Have you bought your ticket already?  Make tasty food using shrubs, make tasty drinks using shrubs, and then eat  and drink it all!  What could be more fun?

Just after the Street Festival, we go into early summer fruit production.  I have growers telling me we’re going to be rolling in strawberries and apricots soon and oh what plans I have for them!  The early Summer line up will be: Strawberries and Champagne, Raspberry Lemongrass, Blueberry Cinnamon, Blackberry Balsamic, and Apricot Rosemary.  Just think of all the amazing Summer cocktails that will come from those.

Then in June, we’ll be at Urban Craft Uprising.  This huge 2 day craft extravaganza features some of the most talented local artists and crafts people, and I’m just thrilled to be a part of it.  Save the date for June 27th and 28th and come say hello!  We’ll have all our Summer flavors out, and might even do something special just for the show (probably involving cherries).  Shrubs make amazing punch, and the July 4th weekend will be right around the corner.  Let us help you make it delicious and thirst quenching!

July has us running all over the place.  On the 11th we’ll be at Proof, the Washington Distiller’s Guild annual tasting.  Come sample locally made liquors, have cocktails, take classes and just generally kick your heels up in celebration of our amazing local craft distillers (and shrub makers and bitters makers).  Then I pack up and fly to New Orleans to attend Tales of the Cocktail, a 5 day international convention for bar tenders, bar owners, distillers, mixers/bitters/shrub makers and more!  But while I’m away, fear not for we’ll ALSO be putting in an appearance at Bite of Seattle.  See what we’ve added to the Summer flavor line up, enjoy serious eats, and bask in the perfect Seattle Summer Weather.

As more events are planned, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.  And of course I’ll take a million pictures so you can virtually hang out with me on all these adventures.  What does your Summer hold?


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