Choose your own adventure

When I was a kid, choose your own adventure books were some of my favorites. Now, we’re partnering with 8oz Burger on Capitol Hill to bring the adventure to cocktails.


Pick a shrub, and they add vodka and ginger beer, with a lime garnish. Here’s one with our Honeyed Plum shrub.


Yummm! Moscow Mules never had it so good.


Our first cooking class!

Tickets are now on sale for our first ever cooking class.  We’ll get together and make some tasty food, using shrubs of course, and at least one tasty cocktail.  And when we’re all done cooking we’ll eat, drink and make merry.  The menu is still in flux, and may change as I test recipes but right now we’ll make:

Peach Bourbon Chicken Drumettes
Tomato Tartar
Shrub Curd bars
and Boozy Shrub Sorbet
Cocktail and Mocktail to be determined

I’m so very, very, very excited to be able to explore this with you and hope that you’ll join me for this fun event. Tickets are limited to 12, so make sure you gets yours sooner over later.

Mixology Monday: Ometeotl’s Breath


This month Sass and Gin challenged us to explore another classic cocktail: The Old Fashioned. In fact, this is likely the genesis of the cocktail.

Sugar, water, bitters, whisky form the basis of this delicious beverage. And while Mad Men made it cool again, the challenge was to make it our own. Around here that means shrub.

So, we swapped out the sugar cube and water in the classic for a sweet Honeyed Plum shrub. I wanted to double down on both the plum and honey flavors, so  the glass got a honey liqueur rinse. This particular liqueur is honey and herbs, which added some really nice smells to the glass. Then a solid dose of aged rum and several splashes of plum bitters.


1.5 ounces Aged Rum (we used Diplomatico Reserva)
.75 ounce Honeyed Plum shrub
3 dashes Fee Brothers Plum bitters
Honey liqueur rinse (we used D’aristi Xiabentun)

Rinse an Old Fashioned glass with the honey liqueur and place 1 ice cube in the glass. Add all the other ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into  prepared glass.

This one really packs a sweet honey punch, but the bitters and the vinegar in the shrub keep it from being cloying. The herbal and anise notes added something special to the experience, and I’m really pleased with how this came out.

A quick note on the name: since we used a Mesoamerican spirit in the drink, I named it after the dualistic creator diety of the Aztec.

Blodewedd’ s Bridal Cup

Here in Seattle, we are pretty firmly in the opening of Spring. The sun is shining, it’s just warm enough to ditch your coat for a heavy sweater and scarf, and the trees are starting to bloom.

Most of the year I drink whisky. Bourbon, rye, Irish, Tennessee, and so on. But right now, when everything is just starting to become green again, I crave gin in all its herbal glory.

This is a spin on the martini, and was nearly my MixMo entry last month. Pairing gin and Chartreuse would almost be herbal over load, but the addition of our Simply Rhubarb shrub adds a touch of sweetness and ties the two together quite nicely. We highly recommend using a barrel aged gin for this, as it adds a nice woody note to ground it.

For those of you unfamiliar with Blodewedd, she is a Celtic diety made from flowers as a bride for a hero. But then she meets the man of her choosing, and they run away together.

Blodewedd’s Bridal Cup

1.5 ounces Barrel Aged Gin
.5 ounce Chartreuse
.75 ounce Simply Rhubarb shrub

Combine everything in a shaker with lots of ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Serve with a strip of lemon peel.