Like a Grown-up

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the first ever Tate’s List cook off.


Tate’s List, for those of you unfamiliar, is a networking/social media tool specifically for the restaurant industry. They had been asking around at the farmers market for products the competing chefs could use in their dishes, and I thought it would be fun to donate some shrubs. I cook with them often, and wanted to see where professional chefs would go. Plus, this was an awsome opportunity to meet people and show off my stuff.

Percy & Co got a Peach Brown Sugar shrub which they incorporated into a creamy salad dressing.


Can Can received a Quince Bay Laurel shrub and did something similar.


Hi-Life got a Peach Brown Sugar shrub and used it in a braising liquid for pork, with a generous slug of bourbon. While it wasn’t the star of the dish (it’s on top of the sunchoke pate and under the cabbage) it was amazing.


Hecho used their Quince Bay Laurel shrub as a marinade for some amazing salmon. This was my favorite nibble of the night.


But the best part of the evening was seeing my business highlighted along side some of Seattle’s heavy hitters.



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