Mmmmmm pudding

I feel a little behind the times admitting this, but I just discovered chia seeds. Chia seed pudding to be specific, and I’m totally into it as a breakfast food. One of the recipies I have calls for pomegranate juice and water to make the pudding, and I thought “why not shrubs?”

So. Delicious.

What follows isn’t a recipe per se, more like a serving suggestion or more accurately a set of ratios.

1 part chia seeds to 4 parts liquid, which is 1 part shrub and 3 parts water. In practical terms this means 1/4 cup chia, 1/4 cup shrub and 3/4 cup water. I haven’t done it yet, but you might be able to replace 1/4 cup of water with a nut milk like almond for a creamier fruit flavor. Have a favorite chia seed thing? Share it in the comments


Mixology Monday: Goodbye blues


This month Mixology Monday’s theme is blue. Andrea of the Ginhound blog chalenged us to make a cocktail inspired by the color or feeling of blue. I pondered blue colored drinks and drinks inspired by my favorite blues singers. But, here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had a warm winter and I’m dreaming of the spring.


My two favorite seasons are Spring and Autumn. I love the trees most, especially the flowers with their froth of blossoms. This cocktail starts with our Quince Bay Laurel shrub and adds gin, fresh grapefruit juice, and Peychaud’s bitters in a delicate pink cocktail. It reminds me of floweing trees and lifts my blues. I hope you like it.


Flowering Quince
1 ounce Quince Bay Laurel shrub
.5 ounce fresh grapefruit juice, preferably pressed
2 ounces herbal/floral gin. We used St George rye gin, but it was a little juinper heavy for me
2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

Combine everything in a glass with ice and stir or shake to combine.  Double strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with a grapefruit peel curl


Early Rhubarb

Was at the green market today and came accross the most beautiful early rhubarb. For this first batch, we offer it unadorned and simple. Just the delightful ruby stalks, cane sugar and white wine vinegar. The color is so rich and beautiful, it reminds me of spring blooming trees. I’ll have both 16 and 8 ounce bottles available for purchace at the U District farmers market on the 31st. Come say hello and taste some.


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Go team!

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m not a huge fan of sports.  But there’s something contagious about having the local football team go to the Super Bowl two years in a row.  I am given to understand this is a rare thing, so it’s extra exciting.  Or maybe I’m just excited for a non-holiday occasion to get together with friends for tasty food and drinks.

It’s probably the food and drinks.

But, oh man the drinks (made with shrubs of course)!  One thing I love to make for parties is punch.  They’re (usually) a bit lower in alcohol, and they’re self serve which means your host has one less thing to have to worry about.  Here are two punch recipes for the Big Game, one of which can be made without any alcohol at all.

Game Day Punch Serves 8-10
1 Bottle Candy Apple shrub
1 1/4 Cups or about 300 mL of Apple Brandy or Apple Jack
4 Cups (just shy of 3 12 ounce bottles) Hefeweizen beer, both Seattle and New England have some amazing craft breweries, and we encourage you to go local with your beer choice
1 Cup Seltzer water or Club Soda

Mix the shrub and Apple Brandy together and let chill for about an hour. Just before serving, add the beer and soda, stirring gently to combine. Serve over ice with lemon wedges.

Peach Ginger Punch Serves 8-10
1 Bottle Peach Brown Sugar shrub
24 ounces Ginger Beer, I like Rachel’s Ginger Beer for this because the ginger has just the right amount of bite
1 Ltr Seltzer or Club Soda
1 Cup Bourbon *optional*

Combine everything in a large pitcher and stir gently to combine. Serve over ice. If making this for an alcohol free crowd, don’t add the bourbon and increase the ginger beer to 32 ounces.

New apple shrub and a new cocktail recipe

So, this past Mixology Monday had a theme of apples. Sadly I didn’t get my cocktail making/recipe building in order in time to participate. BUT you still get the tasty cocktail I would have submitted. It features our brand new Apple Pie shrub and is based off my go to cocktail, the Manhatten. Hat tip to my husband for naming it.

The Hudson Hawk
2 ounces Rye whisky
.5 ounces dry Vermouth
.5 ounces sweet Vermouth
2 dashes aromatic bitters, I like Fee Old Fashioned Arromatic bitters for this
.75 ounces Apple Pie shrub

Put everything into a glass with some ice. Stir to combine and chill. Strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

Overcoming Challenges

Hello everyone.  I hope you had an amazing New Years, filled with friends, and laughter, and tasty shrub beverages.  Mine was wonderfully mellow, which I needed after all of the crazy running around I did in December.  Whew!  A show every weekend was delightfully intense and I’m glad it only happens once or twice a year.

The big news here is we are changing our labels!  Since the beginning, I’ve promised myself that I would roll with challenges and find ways to come out of them better for it.  Most of the time I don’t do all that well.  I have a vision, and I really want that vision to be the reality.  But sometimes you get told, in no uncertain terms, that what you want isn’t really possible.  Which is what happened with the labels.

But I’m so profoundly grateful that it did, because the new ones look so darned good!

The new labels, hangin out with my house guardian.  He's seen better days
The new labels, hangin out with my house guardian. He’s seen better days