Woke up this morning and decided to wander to the Farmers Market and see if there were any more peaches or plums to be had. Nothing really exciting in the plum department,  but I found the most amazing end of season peaches.  Big, juicy, fragrant, and just perfect for my Peach Brown Sugar shrub.

Just look at the size of these!

Martin Family Orchards amazing peaches

I think my favorite way to drink this shrub is with bourbon, a spicy liqueur like Snap (which tastes like a rich gingersnap cookie, but not sweet) and soda water.  Try this:

In an 8 ounce higball glass pour
1.5 ounces bourbon
.5 ounces spice liqueur
.5 ounces or a touch more Peach Brown Sugar shrub
Stir to mix well and add soda to bring the glass to 2/3 full
Give a gentle stir and add ice to fill the glass
Sip lazily on the porch while enjoying the start of fall weather


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